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The Unattended Weeping

A woman who stands between heaven and hell   - LYS 7/10/1998

Miss Du,lost parents while young. With no inheritance she lives on donations and by collectiing scrap metals. She's near forty, single, has no friends. Due to the disability of speech, she is often regarded as mentally ill or retarded by most people.

She firmly believes that stray dogs are helpless, homeless, and no one loves them. Dog catchers catch dogs and kill them cruelly. She is stray dogs' only savior, she thinks. For that reason, she gathers stray dogs, keeps them all by herself, with the little income of hers.

She keeps all 200-300 dogs in a house less than 100 square meters; she puts dogs into small cages they can barely turn around. Cages pile up four to five layers tall. With poor ventilation, insufficient food and water, diseases and sicknesses are everywhere. Dogs are kept in the cages till the end of their lives, with no chance of taking a walk ever.

Many irresponsible people think that she is doing something beneficial to their irresponsibility, and purposely abandoned dogs in her place. Disturbed by the barkings, howls, and dirty environment, neighbors think she is crazy.

Those who visited her house, were deeply disturbed by the muggy, noisy, unsanitized environment and the narrow, uncomfortable dog cages which hundreds of dogs were stuffed into. Visitors were also stunned by the chaotic,nasty, dark, disgusting environment. They saw thirsty, hungry dogs covered with pustules , ulcers, lice and fleas; eagerly waiting for the insufficient food and water. No one left without tears.

Some people wanted to help her, teach her how to keep her place sanitized. They tried to feed her dogs, provide clean water to her dogs, cut their hair, and clean the cages. Some gave her dog food, bowls, water bottles, even money.

Unwilling to be disturbed or unwilling to accept other's suggestions, Miss Du turned down many helpers, refused to let any one feed her dogs or clean up the place. She insists to give the dogs very little water because she believed water make dogs sick. Her dogs are severely dehydrated. She stuffs more and more stray dogs into her over crowded space. The space quickly emptied due to the high death rate; but more stray dogs come in even quicker.

Dog lovers think that she is abusing and being cruel to dogs, and hope to improve the condition.

Neighbors think that it is a place of diseases and death, and want to drive her away from the community.

Vet examed her dogs and made the conclusion that those dogs are too sick to be saved, they should be put to death in a humane way. Irresponsible citizens think she is the solution to their problems with stray dogs, wanted to send all stray dogs to her; despite the fact that her dogs live a miserable short life.

She is the product of irresponsible society. She is regarded by some people as "saint" because she provides a solution to unwanted dogs others left on the street. Though she loves dogs vrey much and takes care of them with all her heart, but actually the inproper care methods make her dog's live even more miserable.

- translated by daniel on 7/11/1998

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